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Embracing difference is the path forward

Divergent Futures provides education, training, and consulting in the field of Neurodiversity-Affirming practice. We aim to increase strengths-based, holistic and affirming practice with Neurodivergent people by addressing myths and stereotypes, sharing evidence-based resources, and providing webinars and other content that are easily accessible to all therapists. 

Divergent Futures Services


Resources, general information, and recommendations for understanding Neurodiversity and associated therapeutic models for clients


Online live and on-demand information sessions, presentations, and training regarding Neurodiversity-Affirming practise


Opportunities to consult with accredited practitioners about working with Neurodivergent people

Peer Support

Online events and peer-groups for practitioners to share their experiences with Neurodiversity-Affirming practise

Blog Posts from Divergent Futures

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We are very excited to welcome you and share our passion for

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